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With the MagicTip you get a lab and field validated rapid DNA isolation method

MagicTip in tubeMagicTip™ 5 minute DNA isolation kits are low cost, field friendly, and easy to use. The MagicTip kits yield cleaner DNA that is more stable when compared to other rapid or simple crude lysis methods, providing consistent data for applications in the field and the lab.

Isolation kits are available for various sample types including animal muscle tissue, blood, hair follicles, cheek swabs, semen, tail clippings and more. The kits have also been used with samples from several animal types including cattle, pigs, dogs, chicken, turkey, fish (Danio rerio), mice (Mus musculus), flies (Drosophila), and lice, as well as with fungal samples (Aspergillus nidulans and Aspergillus niger). Kits are also available for plant samples including Arabidopsis, potato, tomato, cotton, hemp, tobacco, strawberry, clover, wheat, soybean and corn.

The isolated DNA is stable for weeks and can be used for PCR, C-SAND® Assays or any other standard downstream applications such as sequencing. The MagicTip Kits do not require specialized lab tools making them ideal for working with samples in challenging settings.

The MagicTip is disposable and capable of binding, isolating, and purifying DNA. Samples are initially lysed in a buffer and the DNA is bound to the MagicTip. The MagicTip is then transferred to a new tube containing elution buffer where the DNA is then eluted. From sample to clean DNA typically takes about 5 to 15 minutes depending on sample type.

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DNA Yield and Purity from MatMaCorp's MagicTip Blood kit (DNA1B) n ≈ 100
MagicTip Blood DNA Yield Comparison to Commercially Available Kits, n=105 MagicTip Blood DNA Purity Comparison to Commercially Available Kits, n=105
MagicTip™ Kits Available:

Sample Type Catalog Number Preps per Kit Kit Price Add To Cart
Blood DNA1B 100 $150
Hair DNA1H 100 $150
Milk or Colostrum DNA1M 100 $150
Buccal DNA1O 100 $150
Plant DNA1P 100 $150
Semen DNA1S 100 $150
Tissue DNA1T 100 $150

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