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C-SAND® Assays contain room-temperature stable reaction pellets for all your genotyping needs

The Combined Sequence Amplification and Nucleotide Detection (C-SAND®) Assay is a padlock probe based method. Padlock probes bind to known sequences and can be used to detect a specific sequence while at the same time allowing the detection of a genetic variation. A single padlock probe can detect a specific sequence and two padlock probes can identify a genetic variation within that sequence.

This allows for sequence detection, nucleotide (SNP) detection or depending on your need, everything together.

With a 4 channel device like the MatMaCorp Solas 8®, C-SAND® Assays can be designed for various applications, providing flexible solutions that were not available before. Whether it is for sequence detection or for SNP detection, MatMaCorp has off the shelf C-SAND Assays, such as for African Swine Fever (ASF) Detection or Beta Casein Detection, and will also provide Custom C-SAND Kits made specifically for your needs.

As always, C-SAND™ kits will arrive ready to use and will not require refrigeration or other standard lab tools.

Item name C-SAND Assay Kits
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