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Easy pen-side population detection of PRRS Virus RNA from oral fluid, processing fluid and serum samples

The MatMaCorp PRRS test system uses three innovative technologies to target, purify, amplify, and detect PRRS Virus up to 33 Ct (compared to standard RNA isolation methods) from population-level oral and processing fluids and serum samples, giving results in about 2 hours or less for NA (Type II) PRRS Virus. With the MatMaCorp kit, you can avoid any false positives caused by cross-reaction with the EU Strain (Type I).

Lyophilized reagents in the MatMaCorp PRRSV Test Kit allow room temperature shipping and storage - no refrigeration required to go from sample to isolated RNA with the included RNA isolation method. After isolation, your Solas 8® device will automatically call each sample, giving you on-site and pen-side actionable results without the traditional wait.

Everything is included with the MatMaCorp PRRSV RNA Kit for population detection, even pipettes and your isolation method. No other reagents or kits need supplied by the user.


Store at: Room Temperature
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Application Ideal for population medicine for the PRRS RNA virus using either processing fluid, oral fluid or serum samples
Use with Solas 8® Device