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The MYRTA is a rapid PCR device that can perform PCR at home or at the point of care

MYRTA for home PCR testing shown outsideThe My Real Time Analyzer, or MYRTA, combines the benefits of a high or moderate complexity real-time PCR based laboratory instrument with the workflow of a waived or OTC test, bringing true PCR into the hands of users for at-home testing. It features single button operation, simple LED notification for runs and results, and can connect to a computer with USB. Plus, each smart test kit includes touch-free RFID technology to automatically send the proper testing protocol to your MYRTA™.

The MYRTA™ device is capable of running real-time quantitative PCR tests. Tests can be developed for any application, even including rapid viral or bacterial target detection.

The MYRTA device is disruptive

  • Small, hand-held real-time PCR device
  • Runs PCR or any amplification method that uses fluorescence detection
  • Quantitative – it gives Ct values just like the expensive real-time PCR machines found in labs
  • No purification of DNA or RNA required –sample goes in collection tube, then directly into PCR
  • No cartridges. No pipetting steps
  • No limitation of sample types (blood, saliva, swabs, tissue)
  • Workflow – similar to antigen tests - whatever the sample type
  • Tests developed quickly – respiratory, STDs, genetic, viral, bacterial, mutations
  • Test kits stored and shipped at room temperature
  • Several tests available and ready to be commercialized

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