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Hand-held, easy to use molecular testing

Battery Powered MYRTA PCR Machine Held by Abe Oommen

The MYRTA™ is a hand-held molecular testing solution that brings true PCR or any nucleic acid amplification technology (NAAT) into the hands of users for at-home or point of care testing. It features single button operation, simple LED notification for runs and results, and can connect to a computer through a standard USB port. Each smart test kit includes touch-free RFID technology to automatically send the proper testing protocol to your MYRTA™ device ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

The MYRTA™ device brings laboratory level accuracy and sensitivity allowing anyone at home or at a clinic to easily run a complex molecular diagnostic test with confidence.

MatMaCorp MYRTA PCR Device
The only handheld, battery powered, real-time molecular diagnostic platform

Seeing Is Believing

Any Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology (NAAT) for any kind of sample, anywhere at anytime

The MYRTA is disruptive

  • Battery or wall powered
  • Small, hand-held real-time PCR device that can use either battery or wall power
  • Runs PCR or any amplification method that uses fluorescence detection
  • Quantitative – it gives Ct values just like the expensive real-time PCR machines found in labs
  • No purification of DNA or RNA required – sample goes in collection tube, then directly into PCR
  • No cartridges. No pipetting steps
  • No limitation of sample types (blood, saliva, swabs, tissue)
  • Workflow – similar to antigen tests - whatever the sample type
  • Tests developed quickly – respiratory, STDs, genetic, viral, bacterial, mutations
  • Test kits stored and shipped at room temperature
  • Several tests such as RSV A/B, Influenza A/B, Lyme Disease, and bloodborne pathogens like Chagas and Malaria are available and ready to be commercialized. Contact us for more information