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One of our groundbreaking products is so simple that anyone can use it anywhere in the world. Designed to be used in the field, MagicTip™ DNA Isolation Kits are helping our customers get DNA without the need of lab equipment. Plus, it’s inexpensive, fast, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Seth Lewin joined MatMaCorp nearly six years ago. On his first day on the job, MatMaCorp’s Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Abe Oommen challenged Lewin to find a way to extract DNA without traditional lab equipment. “The goal was to develop a DNA extraction product that was fast, easy, inexpensive, and that could support scientists in or outside of the lab,” said Lewin.

Lewin and the rest of the MatMaCorp team got to work and after several months, developed the MagicTip, a simple and convenient option for isolating DNA to be used for PCR, genotyping, diagnostics, or other downstream applications.

The MagicTip is an extraction tool that isolates DNA from a lysed sample by binding the DNA to the MagicTip’s silica-based substrate, or surface. All of the cell debris is left behind when the MagicTip is removed from the lysing solution. The DNA is then unbound from the MagicTip in an elution buffer resulting in usable DNA in about 10 minutes, depending on the sample type. Compared to traditional methods, the MagicTip can yield stable DNA quickly and easily.

“The advantage of using this system is the elimination of lab equipment or refrigeration, or even the need for advanced technical skills,” said Lewin. “This allows the user to isolate DNA in just about any location and is very quick when compared to traditional methods of DNA isolation.”

While there still is a need for traditional methods of isolating DNA, MagicTip kits can expand the reach of DNA collection because it can be used outside of the lab, transports easily, and doesn’t require a centrifuge or even electricity. That means DNA samples can be collected in the desert, the tropics, or virtually anywhere in the world.

MagicTip kits are used in a variety of settings from the U.S. Department of Agriculture testing for an invasive species in Hawaii, to researchers conducting a plant study in Kenya, to wildlife biologists tracking species of Lemurs in Madagascar, to government labs testing for African Swine Fever. The MagicTip is a simple and convenient tool for DNA collection of diverse sample types.

“The MagicTip is universal,” said Lewin. “Anyone that works in remote and challenging conditions, like ecologists and environmental biologists, are users that would benefit from our technology. We have customers come to us with very specific needs and we are able to work with them to meet those needs.”

The MatMaCorp team embraces the challenge of working with unique sample types in challenging conditions. “The opportunity to demonstrate MagicTip’s utility typically leads to a new customer,” said Lewin. “We are proud to work with customers to expand their research capabilities while supporting MatMaCorp’s goal to expand the reach of science.”

MagicTip kits are available for various sample types including muscle tissue, blood, milk, hair follicles, cheek swabs, semen, tail clippings, etc. MatMaCorp has tested several animal types and have also successfully tested bacterial, viral, and fungal samples. Reach out to a MatMaCorp team member today at or 402.387.7900 to learn more about how MagicTip DNA Isolation Kits can be a part of your solution to DNA testing.