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At MatMaCorp, we believe that everyone should have access to fast, easy, and affordable diagnostics.

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Being able to test for various diseases and illnesses to provide speedy treatment when required is an essential component to thriving and healthy communities.

Today, we know all too well the impact that global disease and illness can have on humankind. The world has seen ebola, zika, influenza, and after two years, we are still battling with the effects of COVID-19. With the loss of life and long-term health impacts caused by COVID, we’ve only begun to understand its overall impact on our economy and way of life.

Access to testing has proven to be crucial to treating and preventing the spread of disease and whether it’s testing for COVID-19 in rural Nebraska communities or Malaria in Africa, MatMaCorp has simple and inexpensive technologies that make diagnostics accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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