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Try MatMaCorp's StickE Columns by requesting your free StickE Column Kit sample today.

MatMaCorp’s StickE™ Column Kit offers a quick and simple DNA purification procedure that requires a small amount of sample material to purify high quality DNA. With a sample size as small as 5mg, you can get purified DNA in just 10 minutes. StickE Column Kits are currently available for plant samples, semen samples and tissue samples including both human and many animal species.


The following applications have been used with our plant, semen and tissue StickE Column Kits:

  • PCR
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Genotyping
  • MatMaCorp’s own C-SAND™ Assays
  • Most other downstream applications
What kind of samples can I use?

MatMaCorp offers StickE Column Kits for plant and tissue samples. Our kits have been used on a variety of species including:

Fruit fly Dog Arabidopsis Cotton
Mouse Cow Corn Cannabis
Rabbit Pig Wheat Strawberry
Zebrafish Sheep Soybean Tobacco
Raw semen Extended semen
What's in the kit?

Your free StickE Column Sample Kit contains all of the reagents and columns needed for five DNA purifications. Centrifuge tubes (1.5mL) and ethanol are supplied by the user. Request your free StickE Column Sample Kit Today!

The Proof is in the Column with StickE™